When it comes to living life, I play my cards right. When it comes to living life, I play my cards right.

Get to know Phyllis.

We caught up with Phyllis, a Carnival Players Club® aficionado, to find out what makes her tick. From Dealer's Choice offers to her favorite hangouts and her biggest hang-ups, Phyllis truly lets it all hang out.

Executive casino host: There are lots of vacation options out there. So why the affinity to Carnival®?

PHYLLIS: Carnival lets me be me. There’s almost no judging unless it involves hot tubs and martinis, which is my own fault.

ECH: Besides the casino, where might we find you on the ship®?

PHYLLIS: Well, winning is exhausting, so it was really nice of Carnival to invent the Serenity™ deck for me — comfy chaise lounge chairs, cold cocktails, warm breezes and ZERO kids.

ECH: What’s the first thing you do when you get on board?

PHYLLIS: You mean besides tequila shots? Well, since Premier makes sure my personal baggage is taken care of, I can swing right over to Alejandro for that deep-tissue massage goodness immediately. From there I hit up the lido deck for the bon voyage party.

ECH: What’s your favorite game?

PHYLLIS: Well, I don’t play games, but I love to gamble. But I guess I don’t really gamble, either — it’s not really gambling if you never lose. I absolutely LIVE for the Blackjack Tournaments though. Big fan of Spin the Bottle, too. (winks)

ECH: We hear you like shore excursions. What’s your favorite kind of jaunt?

PHYLLIS: I love going to places I’ve never been and doing things I’ve never done. And who doesn’t love a good snorkel? Ooo, I’m a big fan of the zip-line as well. My friend, if you haven’t been zip-lining among the treetops of the Caribbean, you haven’t lived.

ECH: I agree. One more question. What’s on your bucket list?

PHYLLIS: Where do all the college boys hang out on this ship? I’m joking. I keep my bucket list a secret. But I was serious about Spin the Bottle. Room 214, midnight.

ECH: Never change, Phyllis.